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The Download Festival Japan 2019
Today, it was a national holiday. I took part in the Download Festival 2019.

At first, I would not join the event, but last month, the Ghost's entry was announced. I got the ticket soon after the news.

I was tired very much, but it was fantastic! excellent really. Especially, the Ghost! I could luckily keep a nice location in their performance. I was very excited!
(The stage when the Ghost was performing their killer tune, Year Zero.)
When the Judas Priest was performing, I left the venue as I wanted to avoid the crowded situation after the event.

Anyway, I was tired very very much. But, it was excellent experience really.

Today's outgoings were,

637yen ... from Gotanda to Kaihin-Makuhari
410yen ... Starbucks latte
500yen ... one drink ticket
600yen ... spit-beef steak
800yen ... spit-beef tongue
600yen ... beer
300yen ... water
1,200yen ... spit-beef steak x 2
600yen ... beer
160yen ... apple juice
637yen ... from Kaihin-Makuhari to Gotanda
102yen ... LG21 yogurt drink
88yen ... radish
15yen ... consumption tax

I spent 6,649yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-21 23:59
Inzai, far from Tokyo
We had a shooting in Inzai, Chiba prefecture. The city was very far from Tokyo and it took about 1.5 hours this morning.

For lunch, I had ramen noodle while my colleagues were visiting an Italian restaurant near the shooting site. And they were right! The ramen noodle was so-so while they all were satisfied with the Italian dishes.

And after the shooting, I had to drive long again. It took about 2 hours. I was tired.

Evening, I drank as usual in Wednesday night. Kurano-Shikon Special version.
Today's outgoings were,

157yen ... barley tea
130yen ... tomato juice
940yen ... ramen noodle
130yen ... tea
92yen ... yogurt
148yen ... milk
19yen ... consumption tax
410yen ... toilet paper

I spent 2,026yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-20 23:59
bloody stool
Morning, I had blood a lot in the stool. I was surprised very much! Luckily, I had a stool test kit for the next exam in May. So, I took the bloody stool with the kit and brought it to a hospital in Yotsuya.

I had no reservation to see the doctor, but he saw me soon. He said that I had to take drugs with following prescription by line. And I made next reservation the day after the exam would finished.

And then I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in front of Yoyogi station. I returned to my everyday life.

Evening, I had cheese, apple and pot dish with radish, carrot and spinach. I should remove scum deliberately.

Today's outgoings were,

133yen ... from Gotanda to Yotsuya
1,200yen ... hospital
133yen ... from Yotsuya to Yoyogi
410yen ... Starbucks latte
480yen ... salad
267yen ... salad fish
129yen ... barley tea
129yen ... tea
156yen ... natto x 2
358yen ... sliced cheese x 2
358yen ... 6P cheese x 2
156yen ... pork
92yen ... spinach
31yen ... carrot
92yen ... consumption tax

I spent 4,124yen today.

The picture of the day is a ivied house with a beautiful magenta flowers tree.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-19 23:59
bought lots of CDs for the Download
Morning, I bought lots of CDs through the iTunes store. I want to prep for the Download Festival this Thursday.

And I prayed at the Kiji shrine as usual in Monday morning.

After the praying, I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in front of Yoyogi station.

Before noon, I went to our office and did desk works.

Evening, I had cheese, apple, and a pot dish with carrot, green onion, komatsuna and egg.

Anyway, it was my father's 76th birthday. So, I called him. Rarely he showed the white feather. He has a bad back. I tell him that appropriate squat might work for it. Actually, it have worked on my back.

Today's outgoings were,

1,600yen ... Firepower
1,600yen ... The Strange Case Of...
1,500yen ... The Nexus
1,600yen ... Awaken The Fire
2,200yen ... War Eternal
100yen ... offering to Kiji shrine
410yen ... Starbucks latte
480yen ... salad
267yen ... salad fish
129yen ... barley tea
129yen ... tea
138yen ... yogurt drink
78yen ... komatsuna
298yen ... apple x 2
41yen ... consumption tax

I spent 10,570yen today.

The picture of the day is beef rice ball which I had last week.
I liked it and was satisfied with it.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-18 23:59
the first Japanese butterbur in this spring
I went walking to Ebisu this morning.

Afternoon, I cleaned up my room. And then I visited a beauty salon.

For dinner, I cooked dried tofu with minced chicken and Chinese chive, cooked eryngii mushroom with ketchup and mayonnaise, boiled Japanese butterbur, cooked brown rice, and made miso soup with carrot and deep fried tofu.
All dishes tasted nice very much.

Today's outgoings were,

410yen ... Starbucks latte
148yen ... milk
154yen ... minced chicken
198yen ... Japanese butterbur
95yen ... dogtooth violet starch
388yen ... dried bonito
148yen ... garlic
90yen ... consumption tax
213yen ... a cleaning item
7,990yen ... hair cut and dyeing

I spent 9,834yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-17 23:59
decided to join the Download
I went walking round trip to Gotanda this morning.

Afternoon, I relaxed at home. I decided to join the Download Festival next Thursday finally. I really want to check the Ghost's performance.

For dinner, I cooked broad beans with chicken, boiled taro, cooked carrot with egg, cooked brown rice, and made miso soup with enoki mushroom.
All dishes tasted nice very much! I did good job!

Today's outgoings were,

410yen ... Starbucks latte
58yen ... green onion
160yen ... chicken
306yen ... R1 yogurt x 3
160yen ... lactic acid drink
54yen ... consumption tax
170yen ... pocket tissue papers
16,500yen ... Download Festival ticket
216yen ... Pia system fee
108yen ... ticketing fee
960yen ... tights
-237yen ... paid with d points

I spent 18,865yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-16 23:59
because of too much drinking last night
I took a bath about 4 a.m.. And I went to bed before 5. Hence, I waken up late this morning.

I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in Gotanda. I ordered a cup of chamomile tea instead of thier latte. Those all things were because of too much drinking last night.

Before noon, I went to our office and did desk works.

Early evening, I visited a supermarket in Gotanda. Vegetables were cheap, so I bought many.

And evening, I did not drink. I drank too much last night at all!

Today's outgoings were,

367yen ... chamomile tea
480yen ... salad
267yen ... salad fish
129yen ... barley tea
391yen ... self bonding tape
-391yen ... paid with d points
10,800yen ... devilman tee
8,640yen ... socks x 4
950yen ... shipment fee
242yen ... R1 yogurt x 2
121yen ... LG21 yogurt
300yen ... split cheese x 2
134yen ... fish meat sausage
93yen ... buna-shimeji mushroom
226yen ... miso
74yen ... tofu
93yen ... enoki mushroom
93yen ... carrot
312yen ... broad beans
93yen ... eryngii mushroom
83yen ... radish
150yen ... apple
93yen ... Chinese chive
176yen ... consumption tax

I spent 24,009yen today.

The picture of the day is The Hangdman and Hol Horse in my room.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-15 23:59
19 glasses of wine!
I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in front of Yoyogi station as usual.

Before noon, I went to our office and did desk works.

Early evening, I went drinking to my favorite wine bar, au comptoir echezeaux with my ex-senior colleague.We drank too much. Finally we finished 19 glasses of wine, expensive wine! I should enjoy the taste more slowly for such nice wine!
(the bill)
And after the drinking, I binge-ate sweet buns. Of course, I should not, too.

Today's outgoings were,

410yen ... Starbucks latte
480yen ... salad
267yen ... salad fish
129yen ... barley tea
206yen ... turmeric drink
22,885yen ... drinking@au comptoir echezeaux
-12,000yen ... paid by the senior
139yen ... R1 yogurt
110yen ... sweet bun
138yen ... chocolate bun

I spent 12,893yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-14 23:59
Hol Horse
We had a shooting in Higashi-Ohmiya, Saitama prefecture today.

While the shooting, I visited a hobby shop near the shooting site. And I found the Hol Horse's figure at last. I regretted that I had not bought it soon it had been released.
I bought it without hesitation.

Evening, I drank as usual in Wednesday night.

Today's outgoings were,

103yen ... cough drop
149yen ... tomato juice
157yen ... barley tea
6,459yen ... Hol Horse figure
158yen ... milk
312yen ... natto x 4
480yen ... Chinese soup stock
100yen ... yogurt
286yen ... brown meat(crab)
109yen ... consumption tax

I spent 8,313yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-13 23:59
Subway after a long interval
I had a coffee break at a Starbucks underground near Harajuku station this morning.

And about 11, I saw a director and got memory cards from him.

For lunch, I had sandwich at the Subway near our office.
After lunch, I went to our office.

Early evening, I visited a liquor shop in Nishi-Gotanda and bought a bottle of distilled spirit.

For dinner, I had cheese, apple, root vegetables which I cooked Sunday night, and pot dish with qing-geng-cai.

Today's outgoings were,

410yen ... Starbucks latte
770yen ... Subway BLT set
129yen ... tea
120yen ... smoothie
64yen ... natto
98yen ... apple
89yen ... qing-geng-cai
29yen ... consumption tax
2,625yen ... Kuranoshikon Special Limit Version

I spent 4,334yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2019-03-12 23:59