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blowin' blowin' with the dryer
I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in Ueno this morning. And I read the Sanguozhi as usual.

After lunch, I went to our office and did desk works a little.

About 3 p.m. I left our office and went to Yotsuya. I have to visit a hospital every three months. I have got used to the blood test a little.

Evening, I drank as usual.

Anyway, I found a nice way to avoid boiling over when I cook brown rice. I can use a dryer and blow the bubble of rice glue.

Today's outgoings were,

399yen ... Starbucks latte
874yen ... lunch set
120yen ... barley tea
154yen ... from Ueno to Yotsuya
2,630yen ... doctor charge
1,404yen ... diet for examination
12,200yen ... medicine
154yen ... from Yotsuya to Gotanda
414yen ... smoothie x 3
232yen ... natto x 4
218yen ... chocolate snack
62yen ... chocolate
564yen ... 6P cheese x 3
564yen ... sliced cheese x 3
-84yen ... discount
159yen ... consumption tax

I spent 20,064yen today.

The picture of the day is the building site of Don Quixote Gotanda shop.
I can hardly wait for it.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-20 23:59
brown rice with butter, dried bonito and soy sauce
I prayed at the Kiji shrine this morning.

And then I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in Ueno. Of course, I read the Sanguozhi today, too.

After lunch, I went to our office. I did desk works.

Evening, after buying a bottle of distilled spirit at the Naito liquor shop, I went home.

For dinner, I cooked brown rice and had it with butter, dried bonito and soy sauce. I love it!

Today's outgoings were,

100yen ... offering to Kiji shrine
399yen ... Starbucks latte
842yen ... lunch set
120yen ... barley tea
2,680yen ... Taikai Joy Otome

I spent 4,141yen today.

The picture of the day is plum tree near our apartment. Two white-eye birds were on the branch.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-19 21:24
my good job on the dinner
I went walking to Hamamatsucho this morning.

Afternoon I cleaned up my room.

For dinner, I cooked carrot with beef and lotus root, boiled cabbage sprout, served rape flower with tofu paste and made miso soup with tofu and seaweed.
All dished tasted nice very much. I did good job!

Today's outgoings were,

399yen ... Starbucks latte
262yen ... beef
198yen ... rape flower
98yen ... tofu
198yen ... seaweed
156yen ... natto x 2
168yen ... lotus root
218yen ... cabbage sprout
300yen ... PA3 yogurt x 3
127yen ... consumption tax
268yen ... laundry soap
238yen ... a cleaning item
380yen ... toilet paper
70yen ... consumption tax

I spent 3,080yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-18 20:20
weak main dish
I went walking round trip to Gotanda today.

Afternoon I relaxed at home.

For dinner, I cooked carrot with shirataki and pork, cooked green peas rice, boiled butterbur, boiled broccoli and made miso soup with tofu.
The main dish has a little taste, but all dished tasted nice.

Today's outgoings were,

453yen ... almond latte
158yen ... soy milk
198yen ... butterbur
138yen ... broccoli
298yen ... green peas
266yen ... pork
142yen ... fish meat sausage
94yen ... shirataki
148yen ... carrot
115yen ... consumption tax

I spent 2,010yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-17 23:59
'raw' maple leaf sweet bean jam bun
We had a shooting in Sugamo today. We needed three cameras for the shooting, but I had left one behind in our office. Hence, I had to drove back to our office in a hurry.

Evening, I drank as usual in Friday night.

Anyway. I had the 'raw' Momiji manju(sweet bean jam bun) for the first time. It was so-so. I like the ordinary one more.
Today's outgoings were,

127yen ... tomato juice
180yen ... smoothie
157yen ... barley tea
22,356yen ... Tee shirts x 2

I spent 22,820yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-16 23:59
dropped slippers
We had a shooting in Nippori today.

We could finished the shooting early, about 2 p.m..

After I god done with cameras at our office, I went to a Starbucks in the Ueno park and read the Sunguozhi.

And evening, I visited another Starbucks in Ginza and had a dinner with reading the Sanguozhi.

I could read the three kingdom saga a lot today.

Anyway, I found all slippers on earth floor in the entrance, when I got home. It must be by our Roomba!
Today's outgoings were,

178yen ... smoothie
157yen ... barley tea
367yen ... chamomile tea
460yen ... almond latte
380yen ... salad wrap
460yen ... filone
104yen ... consumption tax
74yen ... natto
71yen ... natto
226yen ... potage soup
237yen ... butter
226yen ... seaweed soup
354yen ... R1 yogurt x 3
95yen ... consumption tax

I spent 3,389yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-15 23:59
the White Day
I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in Ueno. And I read the Sanguozhi as usual.

After lunch I went to our office and did desk works a little.

Evening I drank as usual in Wednesday night.

And, I and my wife had the chodolate which I bought as the White Day present for my wife yesterday. They tasted nice very much.
And the followings were the sweets which my wife had got at her office today.
A lot!

Today's outgoings were,

453yen ... almond latte
842yen ... lunch set
120yehn ... barley tea
178yen ... smoothie
645yen ... brown rice

I spent 2,238yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-14 23:59
First, I prayed at the Kiji shrine. It's weekly routine.

Second, I visited the tax office in Shinagawa for income tax report. It's yearly routine.

And then, I went to our office and did desk works.

Early evening, I walked to Sirogane from Gotanda and visited the famous Chocolatier Erica.
I bought delicious chocolate for my wife. On the 14th of March, in Japan, it was called the White Day and man send a present to woman.

Today's outgoings were,

1,010yen ... hamburger set
120yen ... barley tea
120yen ... barley tea
613yen ... shipping fee
2,690yen ... chocolate
94yen ... tofu
316yen ... smoothie x 2
158yen ... apple
45yen ... consumption tax

I spent 5,166yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-13 23:59
rest in Hakone
Morning I went walking round trip to the hotel via Souunzan station and Gora station.
(the view from the Souunzan station)
I had to walk on the steep slope in Hakone. I was tired very much.

After the walking, I took a bath and had a rich breakfast.

Anyway, it was fine today.
(the view from the room. Isn't it great!)
Afternoon we started homeward.

Evening, we just drank with snacks as we had the breakfast a lot.

Today's outgoings were,

10,219yen ... snacks at the hotel
370yen ... Starbucks latte
320yen ... hot milk
55yen ... consumption tax
874yen ... from Odawara to Shinjuku
165yen ... from Shinjuku to Gotanda
2,468yen ... Enishi

I spent 14,471yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-12 23:59
welcome strawberry
I and my wife visited the Hyatt Regency Hakone, our favorite hotel today. There were 'welcome strawberry' on a table in the hotel room.

We had a rich sushi dinner and took a onsen bath. I love this hotel's service very much.

Today's outgoings were,

165yen ... from Gotanda to Shinjuku
480yen ... sandwich
350yen ... beer
874yen ... from Shibuya to Odawara
712yen ... Starbucks latte x 2

I spent 2,581yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-03-11 23:59