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drew blood with sitting on chair
I did desk works today.

And early evening I saw a doctor in Yotsuya. I visit the hospital every 3 months. I had to be collected blood today.

Usually I did it with sleeping on bed. But, today I did with sitting on chair. I could!

Anyway it was very humid today. I got sweat and washed the clothes which I wore today evening.

Today's outgoings were,

120yen ... barley tea
842yen ... lunch set
154yen ... from Ueno to Yotsuya
313yen ... ice tea
2,250yen ... hospital
7,750yen ... drugs
500yen ... soy latte
-500yen ... paid with coupon
440yen ... egg sandwich
35yen ... consumption tax
154yen ... from Yotsuya to Gotanda
284yen ... fish meat sausage x 2
260yen ... tomatoes
158yen ... banana
56yen ... consumption tax

I spent 12,816yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-20 22:36
low fever because of binge-eating
I did desk works today.

Early evening I brought a HDD to Shin-Okubo.

Anyway, I have been felt a low fever since last week. Especially at night. I beleive it is because my stomach is tired. I should not binge-eat.

Today's outgoings were,

120yen ... barley tea
819yen ... lunch set
120yen ... barley tea
313yen ... ice tea

I spent 1,372yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-19 23:59
usual Sunday after the victory
I went walking round trip to Gotanda via Ebisu this morning.

Afternoon I cleaned up my room.

For dinner I cooked potato salad, sauteed green pepper and paprika, boiled okra and made miso soup with seaweed and onion. All dished tasted nice.
Today's outgoings were,

367yen ... mint citrus tea
228yen ... potatoes
58yen ... carrot
160yen ... okra
136yen ... natto x 2
146yen ... seaweed
108yen ... green pepper
178yen ... paprika
48yen ... cucumber
84yen ... consumption tax
380yen ... toilet paper
268yen ... laundry soap
398yen ... fabric conditioner
83yen ... consumption tax

I spent 2,642yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara and Mayu Watanabe.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-18 22:36
Rino Sashihara won the top for the third time in a row
I went walking to Hibiya this morning.

Early evening I went to our office to watch the AKB48 General Election, with drinking cans of beer. Because I could not watch it at home with my wife.

And Rino Sashihara won the top place again! I was so excited! She is really great.

It was the last election for her and for us. I am relieved as I don't need to pay for such event from next year.

Congratulations, Rino Sashihara!

Today's outgoings were,

103yen ... water
379yen ... Solmac digestive medicine
367yen ... tea
2,108yen ... Kokubu Kikouji
128yen ... sweat bun
128yen ... sweat bun
78yen ... water
223yen ... beer
223yen ... beer
223yen ... beer
257yen ... beer
257yen ... beer
262yen ... beer
131yen ... Pringles
149yen ... Jagarico
237yen ... chocolate
152yen ... potato chips
278yen ... tiramisu
135yen ... sweat bun

I spent 5,818yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-17 23:59
283 ballots for Rino Sashihara
The AKB48 General Election voting term was ended at 3 p.m. today. I voted 169 by myself and 16 helped with their 114 ballots. Totally I could cast 283 to Rino Sashihara. It is more than last year 269.

Evening I went drinking with my ex-boss and ex-senior colleague at the Gioia, a pizzeria in Omori. They also helped me to vote for Rino Sashihara. I drank and ate too much.
(pizzas. We ordered three. I missed to take picture for one.)
Today's outgoings were,

120yen ... barley tea
852yen ... lunch set
154yen ... from Ueno to Omori
205yen ... turmeric drink
453yen ... soy latte
5,000yen ... drinking@Gioia
154yen .... from Omori to Gotanda
119yen ... chocolate
156yen ... barley tea

I spent 7,213yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara and her cats.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-16 23:59
moved points from old to new
Morning I visited the Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. Before I lost the point card and now I have new one reissued. Today I could move points in the missing one to new one.

And I could bought a AKB48 CD with the points.

I did desk works today and left office early.

I had a dinner at the Starbucks in Gotanda and read a novel. It was a bullied girl story and I was tired with reading it.
And I saw my wife and bought some with her and went home together.

Today's outgoings were,

1,560yen ... AKB48 CD
-1,560yen ... paid with points
842yen ... lunch set
120yen ... barley tea
500yen ... soy latte
-500yen ... paid with coupon
420yen ... salad wrap
380yen ... salad wrap
64yen ... consumption tax
302yen ... seaweed
900yen ... seaweed salad x 6
79yen ... rice ball
288yen ... grilled vegetables
152yen ... lactic acid drink
452yen ... R1 yogurt x 4
173yen ... consumption tax

I spent 4,172yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara and Nako Yabuki.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-15 23:59
Otsuka after a long interval
We had a shooting in Tabata today.

After the shooting started, I went to Takada-no-baba to deliver programs. But, Luckily I saw a customer at the station, so I didn't need to walked to the customer's company.

I could finish the dlivery early, I visited a Starbucks in Otsuka and had a lunch. I and my wife was living in the town. Now there are a nice station building and lots of nice shops. The station square was also nice.
Evening I drank as usual in Wednesday night. The Waremokou was cheap, but not bad.
Today's outgoings were,

178yen ... smoothie
500yen ... soy latte
-500yen ... paid with coupon
420yen ... salad wrap
380yen ... salad wrap
64yen ... consumption tax
126yen ... flour
92yen ... dumpling
75yen ... sweat bean-jam bun
38yen ... carrot
96yen ... cucumber x 2
34yen ... consumption tax
268yen ... tissue paper
188yen ... cotton bud
36yen ... consumption tax

I spent 1,995yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara and her cats.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-14 23:59
questioned despite tired
We had a shooting in Gunma prefecture today.

First we gathtered together in front of Kawaguchi station and drove to Takasaki city in Gunma prefecture.

After the shooting we moved to Minakami town, a mountain area in the prefecture. There we shot bungy jumping by the performers. It was great and I was moved.

A performer hates heights. But, finally he could overcome it and jumped. It was impressive.

I was very tired and I had to drive about 350km. Despite, I got questioned by a policeman in front of Gotanda station. I went mad as I was so tired and wanted to went home soon.

I was tired and mad. So, I drank and binge-ate sweets.
Today's outgoings were,

1,200yen ... hamburger set
130yen ... barley tea
330yen ... Starbucks latte
440yen ... egg sandwich
61yen ... consumption tax
924yen ... Waremokou
94yen ... dumpling
46yen ... sweat bean-jam bun
46yen ... sweat bean-jam bun
88yen ... consumption tax

I spent 3,359yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-13 23:59
could visit a rare Starbucks
I delivered a program to a customer in Roppongi.

After the delivery, I walked to Akasaka and picked up an item for tomorrow's shooting. And then I visited a Starbucks. The Starbucks shop open only week day, so I was lucky to be able to visit there.

I bought some at the Don Quihote in Shirogane ande went home.

Today's outgoings were,

143,300yen ... resident tax
129yen ... barley tea
819yen ... lunch set
313yen ... ice tea
158yen ... lactic acid drink
440yen ... R1 yogurt x 4
198yen ... miso soup
63yen ... consumption tax

I spent 145,420yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara and others.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-12 23:59
corinkey? colinkey? korinkey?
I went walking to Oimachi this morning.

Afternoon I cleaned up my room and visited a beauty salon.

For dinner I cooked bonito, made salad with spinach and corinkey. (Corinkey is the yellow, a sort of pumpkin), boiled potatoes and made miso soup with Chinese chive and deep fried tofu.
I cooked too much and became full too much...

Today's outgoings were,

151yen ... Pocari Sweat
399yen ... Starbucks latte
133yen ... from Oimachi to Gotanda
128yen ... corinkey
138yen ... spinach
68yen ... onion
428yen ... bonito
88yen ... Chinese chive
158yen ... potatoes
80yen ... consumption tax
7,990yen ... hair cut and dyeing
3,990yen ... pesticide
360yen ... the Letter Pack Lite
3,654yen ... 11 ballots fee to Mr. S

I spent 17,765yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-06-11 21:38