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search and get in Gotanda
I had a little fever, so I was in bed this morning.

Afternoon I had to sent 6 magazines to where cooperated to our shooting. I had to find the 6 and visited lots of convenience store. It was hard a little while I had a stomachache.

After late lunch, I started my Gundam Stam Rally from Shinagawa on foot.
(Tamachi station)
I stopped the rally at Yurakucho station. And then I went to Takeya in Okachimachi. I wanted a shelf parts, but I could not get it. I also looked for it at Tokyu Hands in Yaesu, but I could not find it.

When I was on the train to Gotanda, my wife sent me a message that she was on the way to home, too. Hence, I waited her at Gotanda station and went home together.

Today's outgoings were,

460yen ... soy latte
460yen ... filone
500yen ... pastrami beef sandwich
113yen ... consumption tax
151yen ... Pocari Sweat
188yen ... eggs
316yen ... smoothie x 2
396yen ... seaweed salad x 2
158yen ... apple
84yen ... consumption tax

I spent 2,826yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-18 23:59
express tickets at Shinjuku station
Morning I went to Shinjuku and bought express tickets. The end of this month, I and my wife visit Hakone, so I bought them.

And then I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in Shinjuku.

After lunch, I went to our office and did desk works.

Evening, I drank as usual in Wednesday night.

Anyway, these days I have protein after exercise. And I bought a protein shaker for it. This shaker is nice very much.
Today's outgoings were,

165yen ... from Gotanda to Shinjuku
3,560yen ... express ticket(between Shinjuku and Odawara) x 4
453yen ... soy latte
805yen ... preservative food
1,482yen ... preservative water
165yen ... from Shinjuku to Ueno
949yen ... lunch set
120yen ... barley tea
178yen ... smoothie

I spent 7,877yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-17 23:59
forgot the main purpose
Morning I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in Ueno.

And then I met a insurance man at a cafe in Inaricho. I had to renew the insurance contract.

For lunch, I had 2 hamburgers and they made my stomach heavy.

Early evening I brought a program to a customer in Roppongi. And then I walked to Shinjuku.
(a studio and Sendagaya tunnel. the famous haunted place in Tokyo.)
At Yoyogi statin and Shinjuku station, I could get the Gundam stamp. But, I forgot to buy express tickets at Odakyu station even though it was the purpose to go to Shinjuku.

For dinner, I had cheese, seaweed salad, tofu, apple and soup. Healthy, because my stomach had still been heavy.

Today's outgoings were,

453yen ... almond latte
200yen ... coffee
780yen ... hamburger x 2
120yen ... barley tea
120yen ... barley tea
165yen ... from Shinjuku to Gotanda
98yen ... tofu
158yen ... smoothie
158yen ... apple
33yen ... consumption tax

I spent 2,285yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-16 23:59
praying weekly
Morning I prayed at the Kiji shrine, local gurdian of Gotanda. I decided to pray there once a week.

And then I went to our office.

Afternoon I visited a shooting site in Matsuda, because there were a minor trouble. I went back to our office and digitalized a tape and set the data to a director.

Evening, I walked from Akihabara to Iidabashi and collected the Gundam Stamp.
(The stamp character in Iidabashi station was Marker Kran.)
Today's outgoings were,

100yen ... offering to Kiji shrine
120yen ... barley tea
842yen ... lunch set
475yen ... Nutty Almond Milk Latte
460yen ... soy latte
360yen ... salad wrap
380yen ... salad wrap
96yen ... consumption tax
133yen ... from Iidabashi to Gotanda
134yen ... oyster sauce
242yen ... R1 yogurt x 2
242yen ... LG21 yogurt x 2
237yen ... butter
300yen ... miso soup x 2
300yen ... miso soup x 2
600yen ... split cheese x 4
238yen ... chocolate pie x 2
-180yen ... discount
169yen ... consumption tax

I spent 5,248yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-15 23:59
burned yellowtail
I went walking to Shinagawa-Sea Side this morning. On the way, I visited 3 stations, Osaki, Oi-machi and Tennoz-Isle for getting the Gundam Stamp.

Afternoon I cleaned up my room.

For dinner, I grilled yellowtail, boiled spinach, cooked potato salad and made miso soup with turnip.
The fish was burned a little. It was difficult.

Today's outgoings were,

151yen ... Pocari Sweat
453yen ... soy latte
267yen ... from Shinagawa-Sea Side to Gotanda
156yen ... natto x 2
148yen ... milk
130yen ... pickles
218yen ... spinach
560yen ... yellowtail
125yen ... R1 yogurt
106yen ... consumption tax

I spent 2,314yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-14 23:59
17 stations
I started the Gundam Starmp Rally in full swing today.

I bought the Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass and visited lots of station, Kita-Senju, Kameari, Kanamachi, Matsudo, Shin-Matsudo, Minami-Nagareyama, Kashiwa, Abiko, Toride, Minami-Senju, Mikawashima, Nippori, Nishi-Nippori, Tabata, Oji, Higashi-Jujo and Akabane. I got 17 stamps and tired very very very much.

For dinner, I cooked potatoes with butter, sauteed turnip, boiled potherb mustard and made miso soup with broccoli and deep fried tofu.
I cooked easy dishes as I was very tired.

Today's outgoings were,

750yen ... Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass
133yen ... from Kameari to Kanamachi
154yen ... from Kanamachi to Matsudo
154yen ... from Matsudo to Shin-Matsudo
133yen ... from Shin-Matsudo to Minami-Nagareyama
165yen ... from Minami-Nagareyama to Kashiwa
460yen ... almond latte
360yen ... salad wrap
440yen ... salad wrap
100yen ... consumption tax
154yen ... from Kashiwa to Abiko
165yen ... from Abiko to Toride
302yen ... from Toride to Kanamachi
22,788yen ... Black Thunder
570yen ... cafe mocha
-570yen ... paid with coupon
158yen ... potherb mustard
198yen ... potatoes
298yen ... turnip
52yen ... consumption tax

I spent 26,964yen today.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-13 23:59
started the Gundam Stamp Rally
I started the Gundam Stamp Rally today. First, I got the stamp at Gotanda station, of course.
And then, I visited a Starbucks in Ueno. These days it's cold in the coffee shop, so it's difficult to stay long.

After lunch, I went to our office and did desk works a little.

Early evening I left our office and visited Ueno station and Okachimachi station for the stamp rally.

Evening, I drank with watching the Girls und Panzer movie. I like the animation, because its tank battle scene has punch and all characters are soft-centered.

Today's outgoings were,

460yen ... almond latte
842yen ... lunch set
120yen ... barley tea
318yen ... 6P cheese x 2
78yen ... chocolate
31yen ... consumption tax
289yen ... tissue paper

I spent 2,138yen today.

From this article, I stop posting Rino Sashihara picture.

At first, it was appeal to my brother. I wanted to make him to help me for the AKB48 General Election. But, he did not. Hence, I started posting Rino Sashihara's picture for appealing to him how pretty Rino Sashihara is.

However, she decided that she would not run for the next election. And I don't need to appeal to my brother any more.
(Actually, my brother had alreadly helped me for some elections. I could stop the posting in earlier times.)

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-12 23:59
Morning I brought data to a customer in Takada-no-baba.

After having a lunch at a Starbucks in Ueno station, I went back to our office.

These days my Mac works poorly, so I started re-install its OS.

Early evening, I left our office and walked to Akihabara. I bought a LED bulb at the Yodobashi Camera and bought a mug at the Gundam cafe.
(The mug. Z'Gok and Acguys escaping from Jaburo. Good!)
And then I had a dinner at a Starbucks in Kyobashi. I had too much and had a too sweet drink. So, I walked to Tamachi station for exercise.

Today's outgoings were,

156yen ... oolong tea
460yen ... almond latte
360yen ... salad wrap
440yen ... salad wrap
100yen ... consumption tax
997yen ... bulb
-997yen ... paid with points
2,808yen ... mug
550yen ... Mattya Fruity Brends Tea Latte
560yen ... clubhouse sandwich
-560yen ... paid with coupon
500yen ... pastrami beef sandwich
84yen ... consumption tax
598yen ... a cleaning item
570yen ... antiseptic solution
93yen ... consumption tax

I spent 6,719yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara and others.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-11 23:59
too much oily fried horse mackerel
We had a shooting in Nakano today.

While the shooting, I watched the Shin-Godzilla with my iphone. I had downloaded it in my phone through the Amazon Prime. It's really convenient service.

For lucnh, we had lunch set with several fried foods. I mainly had fried horse mackerel. It was oily too much. The restaurant sheff should learn cutting oil.

Evening I drank. Tsurunashi-Genji tasted nice.
Today's outgoings were,

178yen ... smoothie
156yen ... oolong tea
156yen ... oolong tea
204yen ... natto x 3
98yen ... chocolate
598yen ... brown rice
72yen ... consumption tax

I spent 1,462yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-10 23:59
started working 2018
I started working this year today. But, morning I had a coffee break at a Starbucks in Ueno as usual.

For lunch, I had the Big Mac set with double cheese burger at the McDonald's.

Afternoon I went to our office and did desk works a little.

And then from early evening, we had shootings in Takada-no-baba. I was tired after new year holidays.

Today's outgoings were

410yen ... prteine shaker
453yen ... almond latte
1,000yen ... hamburger set
120yen ... barley tea
120yen ... barley tea
130yen ... oolong tea

I spent 2,233yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2018-01-09 23:59