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double header at Tabata and Okachimachi
We had 2 shootings today. One was in Tabata, and the other was in Okachimachi.

After the one in Tabata started, I went to Takada-no-baba to bring programs to a customer. And then I went back to our office.

Afternoon I drove to Okachimachi with cameras and cameramen and left them there.

Till the end of shooting in Tabata, I had a coffee break at the Starbucks in Tabata while a trouble occurred in Okachimachi.

A cameraman called me that the director had not come to the shooting site yet. Hence, I tried to connect to the director, but I could not. And the cameramen did shot without the director.

(Afterward I heard the reason why the director did not come. He had a big trouble in his life today, and he could divorce successfully. It's his 2nd divorce...)

Evening I had seaweed salad and brown rice. I failed to cook the rice. It was still hard and I had to chew enough...

Today's outgoings were,

178yen ... smoothie
852yen ... lunch set
399yen ... Starbucks latte
1,000yen ... Pachi-Slot Miracle Juggler
178yen ... smoothie
207yen ... natto x 3
2,427yen .... Hana-Chou-Ki-Mushi

I spent 5,241yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-25 23:59
Yamanote line car trouble
Morning a Yamanote train which I got on did not start from Gotanda station because of a car trouble. Hence I had a coffe break at the Starbucks in Gotanda.

Afternoon I visited our office. I did desk works a little.

For dinner I had cheese, fish meat sausage, natto, seaweed salad with tomatoes and tofu, and miso soup. Healthy and I got full enough.

Today's outgoings were,

399yen ... Starbucks latte
842yen ... lunch set
120yen ... barley tea
270yen ... seaweed
102yen ... natto
260yen ... tomatoes
50yen ... consumption tax

I spent 2,043yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-24 20:49
purple pepper and big okra
I went walking to Musashi-Kosugi this morning. These days my 'life work' is visiting a Starbucks shop and check it in. So, I visited the town to check in a Starbucks shop. However, unfortunately the shop was closed temporarily.

Afternoon I visited a beauty salon.

For dinner I sauteed bitter gourd with tofu and fish meat sausage, boiled okra, grilled peppers and made miso soup with Chinese chive. I got 2 rare vegetables, purple pepper like eggplant and big okra called 'the Star of David'.
Today's outgoings were,

151yen ... Pocari Sweat
130yen ... sesame milk
195yen ... from Musashi-Kosugi to Gotanda
118yen ... green pepper
139yen ... purple pepper
78yen ... natto
198yen ... bitter gourd
128yen ... LG21 yogurt
128yen ... R1 yogurt
118yen ... tofu
150yen ... eggs
178yen ... fish meat sausage
128yen ... okra
98yen ... Chinese chive
116yen ... consumption tax
7,990yen ... hair cut and dyeing
350yen ... ice cream
122yen ... toothpick
37yen ... consumption tax
378yen ... kitchen cleaning item
1,676yen ... mouth wash x 2
268yen ... laundry soap
-116yen ... discount
176yen ... consumptiont tax

I spent 12,934yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara, Sae Kurihara and Emily Yamashita.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-23 23:59
dress skimpily and sweat
We had a shooting in Kawagoe, Saitama prefecture. Every 22nd we have to go there.

Today one of the performers was a lady. She dressed skimpily and got sweat. I went so close to like her...

Evening my wife cooked eggplants with miso and etc. She cooked too much and I got full too much.

Today's outgoings were,

102yen ... gam
178yen ... smoothie
178yen ... smoothie

I spent 458yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-22 23:59
day off and walked to Shimo-Kita
I had a day off today. I went walking to Shimo-Kitazawa this morning.

Usually I had a coffee break after walking. The Starbucks in Shimo-Kitazawa is different from ordinary one. It's called as the 'Neighborhood & Coffee'. The shop is more fashionable and their drink is more expensible...
It was very hot today. I went home soon. Afternoon I wathced recorded TV programs starring Rino Sashihara. And evening I drank as usual in Friday night.

Today's outgoings were,

160yen ... Pocari Sweat
160yen ... Aquarious
626yen ... cafe latte
124yen ... from Shimo-Kitazawa to Shibuya
154yen ... from Shibuya to Gotanda
158yen ... bananas
158yen ... carrots
92yen ... dumpling
75yen ... sweat bean-jam bun
256yen ... R1 yogurt x 2
59yen ... consumption tax
410yen ... toilet paper

I spent 2,432yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara and Chihiro Kawakami.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-21 23:59
launderette and D.I.Y. store
I did desk works today. And I washed clothes at a launderette, and went shopping to a D.I.Y. store in Sarue.

Evening I drank 2 glasses of distilles spirit as I would have a day off tomorrow. I love drinking...

Today's outgoings were,

120yen ... barley tea
11,520yen ... fan
842yen ... lunch set
399yen ... Starbucks latte
148yen ... cucumbers
92yen ... dumpling
75yen ... sweat bean-jam bun
25yen ... consumption tax

I spent 13,221yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-20 23:59
smelled like a grass
We had a shooting in Sugamo afternoon. On the way to the shooting site, about in Hongo, it started raining heavily. However, in Sugamo, it had stopped already.

Evening I drank 2 glasses of distilled spirit as usual in Wednesday night. Komaki, summer bottle.
It tasted like grass a little, nice.

Today's outgoings were,

399yen ... Starbucks latte
852yen ... lunch set
1,000yen ... Pachi-Slot Basilisk II
180yen ... smoothie
396yen ... miso soup x 2
64yen ... dumpling
52yen ... sweat bean-jam bun
109yen ... cucumber x 3
18yen ... consumption tax

I spent 3,070yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-19 23:59
BIG BIG hail
We had a shooting in Ikebukuro today. It was finished early about 2:30 p.m..

Then it started rain heavily. It was so heavy rain which I had never seen. Not only rain but also hail. I saw such big hail for the first time in my life. It was really scaring.

Today's outgoings were,

399yen ... Starbucks latte
1,000yen ... Pachi-Slot My Juggler
198yen ... smoothie
842yen ... lunch set
65yen ... natto
256yen ... R1 yogurt x 2
128yen ... LG21 yogurt
238yen ... seaweed soup
298yen ... sliced cheese x 2
78yen ... consumption tax

I spent 3,502yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-18 20:47
pumpkin with sesame
I went walking to Shibuya this morning.

Afternoon I cleaned up my room and relaxed at home.

For dinner, I grilled dried horse mackerel, cooked salad, boiled pumpking and made miso soup with white eggplant.
I cooked the pumpkin dish with sesame for the first time. It was nice.

Today's outgoings were,

151yen ... Pocari Sweat
399yen ... Starbucks latte
154yen ... from Shibuya to Gotanda
255yen ... pumpkin
570yen ... Haagen Dazs x 3
66yen ... consumption tax
20,520yen ... Roomba battery etc.

I spent 22,115yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-17 23:59
watched a play with my wife
I went walking to Ebisu this morning.

Afternoon I and my wife visited a theatre in Akasaka and wathced a play as an acquaintance played. Every time theme which he play is difficult and today, too.

And evety time my impression is that actors are great as they can memorize their lines a lot.

Evening I cooked omelet, miso soup with Chinese chive, etc. I did to take a picture and I forget a part of them...

Today's outgoings were,

151yen ... Pocari Sweat
399yen ... Starbucks latte
133yen ... from Ebisu to Gotanda
328yen ... a cleaning item
498yen ... eye drop
398yen ... fabric conditioner
398yen ... body sheet
268yen ... tissue paper
151yen ... consumption tax
165yen ... from Shimbashi to Akasaka-Mitsuke
9,000yen ... a theatre ticket x 2
250yen ... soy latte
320yen ... hot milk
270yen ... Danish Chocolate
67yen ... consumption tax
165yen ... from Akasaka-Mitsuke to Shimbashi

I spent 12,961yen today.

The picture of the day is Rino Sashihara.

# by voodoo92 | 2017-07-16 23:59